Une marque écoresponsable, c’est quoi ?

What is an eco-responsible brand?

As you probably know, one of my brand's credos is eco-responsibility.

I am committed to protecting the environment, and I apply this as much as possible to my creations and their shipment.

In addition to finding the most organically sourced materials possible, as well as manufacturing jewelry to order to avoid any unnecessary waste and unsold items, eco-responsibility also involves the preparation of my packages. I explain everything to you in this article!


Zero plastic packaging

Plastic was “fantastic” in the 60s, now we all know to what extent it can destroy ecosystems. Between supermarket bags, straws in your cocktail, single-use food packaging, in 2023, humans may have finally understood! Everything is now made of recycled or recyclable plastic, or even paper, and it is this movement that I tend to apply to my workshop.

All my shipments are made with recycled and recyclable paper envelopes (see the logos on the packaging). The packages are made of cardboard, recycled wherever possible, but always recyclable.

The jewelry is slipped into a small cardboard pouch on which I affix my logo using a stamp. If I have to place the bags in a package, I will slip in confetti or crumpled paper, always recycled, moreover, the confetti are made regularly, by hand, in the evening, from scraps of paper, magazines, leaflet (which we continue to receive despite the “stop advertising” sticker! grrrrr!) watching a film on my sofa!


Limited and useful marketing elements

For marketing, I obviously include one or two flyers, but you can throw them away after reading them in a paper recycling container.

Finally, the thank you card slipped into your package is a magic card!

Yes, you just need to put it in a pot with soil, water a little, and TADAAA! A few days later you will have magnificent aromatic herbs for your kitchen! (I had the choice with flowers, I preferred aromatic herbs which in addition to being aesthetic, have a real use)


Eco-responsible jewelry

Of course, when making jewelry, it is difficult to completely eliminate all sources of pollution. I try as much as possible to use organically sourced materials.

Organic what?

Biosourced! This means, for example, that I try to use the most natural resin possible. Unfortunately this is very expensive and I try when I can not to pass this cost on to the prices of my creations.

The protection used to water repellent and polish the decorative objects in my Jesmonite Lifestyle collection is in fact simple organic beeswax! Its effectiveness is formidable, so why would I use a product from the petrochemical industry?

Finally, manufacturing to order or in limited quantities allows me to reduce the impact of my creations on the environment: no waste in large quantities, no unsold items on hand (and therefore potentially waste). only makes what will be worn, used and loved.


You see, that’s eco-responsibility. Small daily actions to reduce our environmental impact and the pollution linked to our activity. On my small scale, I try to limit my waste and offer you the most responsible and ethical purchasing experience possible. I'm not saying I'm blameless, far from it. I'm just trying to do everything I can to become one!


Beautiful day !


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