The creator

My name is Camille and I am the creator of the Atelier Mieko brand, which was launched in June 2021.

I have always dreamed of making a living from my passion, manual creation (jewelry, sewing, decoration, I do everything!)

With a master's degree in psychology and management in hand, and a handyman in my spare time, I had been working in the administrative world for 10 years when my loved ones pushed me to finally start selling my creations.

I am developing my small creative business alongside my work as a full-time employee and mother, in my workshop in Beaujolais, in the Lyon region .

Passionate about fashion and jewelry, but also concerned about ecology, in a responsible approach, all my jewelry is made in small quantities or to order, by hand in my workshop in the Lyon region , and waste is limited to maximum.

I hope you enjoy wearing my little jewelry!

The manufacturing process

Self-taught, I only let myself be guided by my desires, my inspirations, my pleasures. I hope this is reflected in my collection! In my creations, I advocate transparency on the techniques and products used for the manufacture of my jewelry, so do not hesitate to ask me your questions behind the scenes, I will answer them with pleasure!

My creations are entirely made by hand, molded, fired, assembled, sanded and varnished with care and love, in my workshop.

More information and even videos on my Instagram account @ateliermieko !

Ecology at the heart of my collections

Atelier Mieko jewelry is made in an artisanal way, by hand, in France. The brand's objective is eco-responsible manufacturing of sustainable products and a limited impact on the environment.

The materials used are biosourced in order to guarantee maximum respect for the environment during the manufacturing process, but also afterwards.

The resin used for the manufacture and covering of jewelry is a biosourced epoxy resin , meaning that it is essentially derived from renewable resources - plant-based - replacing components usually derived from chemicals and petroleum products. Or partly "organic", in proportions ranging from 40 to 90% of the total product without solvent.

The rest of the jewelry is made from polymer clay, or components made from plastic. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a material that will allow me to go 100% organic and ecological. However, the environmental impact of this clay is minimized by its durability over time . Furthermore, the rest of the dough is always reused, never thrown away. The jewelry is made in very small quantities, or even to order, in order to limit raw material waste as much as possible .

All items are carefully shipped in recyclable packaging , a craft bubble envelope (recyclable) or a cardboard box depending on the number of products ordered, without plastic waste and robust, to ensure maximum protection of your order during delivery. No plastic bags or confetti are used to package my creations.

Finally, know that by purchasing on ateliermieko.fr, you contribute to the protection of the oceans : part of Atelier Mieko's turnover is donated to an association at the end of the year! (more information on Instagram @atelier.mieko)