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Hotu curls

Hotu curls

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◾ Real creator since May 2021, artist at heart since always◾

Little fuss-free jewelry that will add a bright and sparkling touch to your summer outfits! My creations are entirely made by hand, molded, fired, assembled, sanded and varnished with care and love, in my small workshop in Lyon. More information on my Instagram account @ateliermieko!

These pretty earrings consist of a randomly rounded tassel in textured pearly white polymer clay, shaped and then varnished. They attach with gold stainless steel studs. They are finished at the bottom with a small turquoise pearl.

• Dimensions: Total length: 6.7 cm - Max width: 3.5 cm • Hypoallergenic gold stainless steel nail • Body of the jewel in polymer clay This unique jewel is made to order, so please allow a delay of 3 to 5 days before shipping your order.

//Being an artisanal and unique piece of jewelry, slight variations in color, shape or texture may slightly modify the jewelry compared to the photo//

Be careful, the shape is cut randomly, the edges will always be rounded, but it is not a flat and perfect round.

Recommendations for use: Stainless steel is water resistant, however polymer clay is a flexible material which softens with heat, so I advise you to remove your pretty jewelry before showering, playing sports or going out. sleep !

With this purchase, you contribute to the protection of the oceans: part of Atelier Mieko's turnover is donated to an association at the end of the year! (more information on Instagram @atelier.mieko)

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